StyleWe Collaboration

Went on a little adventure with my boyfriend Zach to Mount Baldy in Angeles National Forest this past weekend. I was seeing photos on Instagram of snow in LA and I had to find it! On this trip I decided to incorporate some of the pieces StyleWe recently sent me. They sent me the black dress and the gray fringe sweater and I'm obsessed! Their company is really cool because it's all independent designers, unique designs, and a community of designers and buyers communicating, sharing, and recognizing each other. They describe themselves as, "Designers At Your Fingertips." 

In my first look I felt like a mystical snow vampire goddess or something! Such a beautiful black dress. The fringed sweater was interesting because it was like a cardigan but had one button on each shoulder attaching the bottom of the cardigan to the top giving it a cool wrap vibe. Overall, very impressed with the quality of the clothing and their commitment to unique pieces!